The Media’s Manipulation of Photos

I recently observed a photograph of a captured middle-eastern soldier in uniform being given water while also being held at gunpoint.  I saw the picture on a website called 9gag.  I’m aware that this website isn’t the most credible of sources, as anyone who knows how to use a computer is able to easily post a picture or comment.  However, the picture itself was very thought-inspiring; as it made a point that every picture we see on the internet, television, or in print could have been doctored in order to put forth a subjective viewpoint.  Image

The picture has two sides to it, each posing its own fallacious argument.  The left side of the photograph has the water being given cropped out, thus pushing the argument that the soldiers who are holding the man captive are about to execute him, while the right side has the captured man being given water and being taken care of.  Neither of these arguments portray the full picture, and it should be taken to heart while looking at pictures that they may not showing you the full story.

The picture to me was an analogy of politics in general.  It has each side giving their viewpoints and arguments without even commenting on the opposite sides, while really in order to understand the full story, you must consider both sides.  Classic politics!


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